The Penguin Awards

The Digital Marketing Awards that nobody asked for

(but at least it's for charity)

30th Octobers 2019
Back for a 2nd year! More stupid categories, more fun!
Still just £10 per entry
Real physical awards!
Unique Judging Process
All the money raised (every penny) with the Penguin Awards will go to Martin House Childrens Hospice

Award Categories

These awards are here to celebrate the victories and commiserate the failures of working in search and remind ourselves not to take everything too seriously.
Old Search PERSONALITY of the year! Why should the young un's get all the credit. Sponsored By 10 Yetis.
Best Office Pet Bonus points for costumes Sponsored By From The Future.
Best Boss (All nominations will be shortlisted.. so you might as well enter yours) Sponsored By Content King.
Worst Beard The person you nominate, has to be okay with this Sponsored By Polemic Digital.
Best Side Project Do you have an affiliate blog for pet dating? Have you built Uber for horses.. Sponsored By Accountancy Extra.
Best drunk domain name purchase We've all done it.. Sponsored By DeepCrawl.
Messy Desk Award Who has the messiest desk in your office. #picsoritdidnthappen Sponsored By Fat Joe.
Best software release notes We are expecting lots of entries for this category! Sponsored By Aira
Best About Us Page Submit your creative side!. Sponsored By Erudite.
Talk / Presentation of the year Which presentation left you inspired, laughing or learning Sponsored By Cultured Digital.
BEST Beard I mean, there must be some good one in the Digital Industry? Sponsored By Impression.
Best Job Perk You can do better than unlimited tea + coffee Sponsored By ClockworkTalent.
We really really really want to win this award This award will be availble to bid via auction from the 13th of July until the ceremony starts. Sponsored By Biddable Moments.
Best SEO Joke / MEME Tickle our funny bone. Sponsored By Screaming Frog.
The We've not won an award before, award Do you want to say "award winning company" on your website... enter now. Sponsored By Ascending Media
Best SEO Tweet Which tweet has impressed, humoured or shocked you. Sponsored By Sitebulb
Best Digital Marketing Event Which one is your favorite Sponsored By Kerboo
Most Patient Google Employee Nominate someone who deserves an award. Sponsored By Traffic Think Tank
Most AWESOME team photo Be creative, I know you have it in you. Sponsored By Hit Search
Penguin Awards Ranking Competition Be in the organic search #1 for our keyword the week before the event to win this award (keyword will be emailed upon entry) Sponsored By DFY Links.
Enter Now! Entering is simple, cheap and you'll be helping a great cause.
£10 and one simple form is all that stands between you and a possible trophy!
BARGAIN! Each Entry is just
£ 10

Entry through this form is not required for the I really really want to win this award, just make sure you bid (and win)

Every penny raised will go to the Digital Marketing Day campaign for Martin House childrens hospice

Does the world need another digital marketing awards

Probably not.. but this isn't just any awards

Every penny raised through sponsorship & entry fees will go to charity

This event is a part of the Digital Marketing Day campaign and we are trying to raise £22,000 this year to support the Martin House Childrens Hospice.

The Martin House vision is "Every child and young person has access to palliative care when and where they need it." and they provide 24-hour support to children and young people and their families

We are running the Penguin awards to support that and so all trophies, hosting, editing, design and other costs are being covered by Little Warden Ltd.

Last year the awards and other silly things raised £10,000 for Martin house.

This year, we want to raise £22,000.

Judging Process

As unique as the event itself

Most SEO awards conduct judging panels of noted industry talent and group them over the course of a few dates to narrow down the shortlist to a winner

That sounds great but we don't have that type of time, so we are just going to get my mum to choose the winner in each category

(I will warn you, she still thinks I work for Google and last time I visited I had to explain that the first results in Google were ads)

Sponsors & Partners

What sort of awards would we be without sponsors? (Want your logo here?)
All the Winners will receive a real trophy. We spend more on trophies than we do anything else!


You gotta know when to enter..
20th June 10:00am - Awards Open
20th October - Awards Close
1stOctober - We Really really want to win an award Auction opens.
30th October 15:00 - Live Awards

Event FAQs

I know you probably have questions

Got questions? We (probably) have an answer.

This is the first awards of this type we have organised so if the website doesn't mention something you need just

Contact Us

Yep, 100%. We love the other Search awards in the UK but we are always looking for other ways to raise money for charity (and we think they bypass some important categories such as 'best SEO lookalike')

Yep, We've bought £50 worth of cheerleader trophies on eBay and the winners will have their name engraved on each one.

YES! She is not quite SURE what she's doing yet but I'll help her along. Lesson one will be explaining what exactly SEO is.

The award results will be livestreamed on the Little Warden Facebook Page.

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.