The Penguin Awards

Working from Home edition

No sponsors, No fancy trophies &
A pay as you feel entry price

Raising money for the amazing
Martin House Childrens Hospice

Enter Now
It's no joke! This is actually happening!
All the money raised (every penny) with the Penguin Awards will go to Martin House Childrens Hospice

Award Categories

These awards are here to celebrate the victories and commiserate the failures of working at home and remind ourselves not to take everything too seriously.
Best makeshift home office I want to see monitors ontop of amazon boxes
Best Zoom Background Image Be creative!
Best Conference Call Screenshot Show us your best / worst team photo!
Worst Isolation facial hair / haircut The person you nominate, has to be okay with this
Best Lockdown Created Project (Digital) Do you have an affiliate blog for pet dating? Have you built Uber for horses..
Best Lockdown Created Project (Physical) Did you do some sewing, grow a plant, build a house!!
Best child / pet / husband interuption story I NEED A WEE! DEREK YOU'RE 45 FOR GOD SAKE
Best food based isolation creation What's the best thing you've made with the limited ingredients you could buy. I KNOW YOU ARE ALL MAKING SOURDOUGH
Best conference call fancy dress and no, I won't be entering
I dontated the most Win this award by donating the most with your entry
Best Pun Based Stay at Home message Yeah, I don't quite understand it either

Weekly Challenge

Taste the Rainbow People around the country are putting rainbows in their window, show us yours
Enter Now! This mini awards is a Pay as you feel awards you can enter for free or you can enter for £1000! the choice is up to you!
SPECIAL OFFER! Each Entry is just
£ ??

Paying more money to enter will not win you the award (but it will win you the 'I donated the most' award

Every penny raised will go to the Digital Marketing Day campaign for Martin House childrens hospice

Does the world need another digital marketing awards

Probably not.. but this isn't just any awards

Every penny raised through sponsorship & entry fees will go to charity

Last year through a combination of stupid events, running and awards, we raised £15,000 for Martin House.
But it's quite clear that with the current situation we won't beat that this year, Martin House has had a LOT of it's fundraising actvities either cancelled or postponed indefinitely this year, that's why we've come up with this stupid mini awards to raise a bit of money and some more awareness.

The Martin House vision is "Every child and young person has access to palliative care when and where they need it." and they provide 24-hour support to children and young people and their families

We are running the Penguin awards to support that and so all trophies, hosting, editing, design and other costs are being covered by Little Warden Ltd.

Last year the awards and other silly things raised £15,000 for Martin house.

This year, we want to raise what we can

All the Winners will receive a prize. We spend more on prizes than we do anything else!


You gotta know when to enter..
1st April June 10:30am - Awards Open
Every Monday - New Weekly task announced
Whenever the lockdown ends - Awards Close
1st Thursday after Lockdown - Live Awards.

Event FAQs

I know you probably have questions

Got questions? We (probably) have an answer.

This is the third awards of this type we have organised so if the website doesn't mention something you need just

Contact Us

Yep, 100%. We love the other Search awards in the UK but we are always looking for other ways to raise money for charity (and we think they bypass some important categories such as 'best SEO lookalike')

Yep, we aren't sure what it will be at the moment but it's going to be good!

As usual, The award results will be livestreamed on the internet somewhere.

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.